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Chengdu, the flagship city for foreign investment in China

China Foreign Investment

Think Chengdu, for effective investment in China

Chengdu is the centre of science and technology, finance, trade and commerce in the southwest China, and is the regional hub for communication and transportation. Its population has high proportion of science and technology skills and combined with large number of international financial institutions. Chengdu is the natural choice for businesses relocating to mid and western China or looking for set up process outsourcing in China.

First established in 1988, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone (CDHT) ranks the 4th among all the China’s state-level hi-tech zones and is strongly supported by national provincial and municipal authorities. With an area of 130 km², CDHT comprises of the south park and the west park. There are 33237 companies registered in the CDHT, among which 1115 companies are foreign invested enterprises including over 120 Fortune 500 and world renowned companies.


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Explore a Range of Facilities for Different Industry Clusters

Singapore Sichuan Park
This park is jointly developed by Singapore and Sichuan government, located in the south park.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone is committed to provide services and support to investors and has set up two government service centres in both the south and west parks. Its incentive policies enable it to give financial support to enterprises in the IT, Pharmaceutical and Procession Manufacture Industries.

There are a wide range of other business incentives including tax and HR subsidies. CDHT provides an excellent business environment with a sub-tropical monsoon climate, an abundant underground water supply, and served by a telecommunication hub with exit broadband of 60G.

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the 4th largest airhub in China with domestic flights to most Chinese cities and international flights to major cities in North America, Europe, Australia and the Asia Pacific. Chengdu has a highway network that offers rapid access to all cities in China and is well served by railway and other logistic services.





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